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Registered on August 31, 2012, HR Outsourcing Solutions (HROS) was borne out of the passion and inspiration of its owner and influential HR professional and consultant, John Maxwell Certified Coach, Cheryl Campbell.

Our Services

HR Management Services

HR Outsourcing Solutions (HROS) offers a range of human resource management and organisational development services to new and existing companies of varying sizes across Jamaica.

In particular, HROS specializes in partnering with new organisations to establish HR departments and formulate and customise critical HR policies and procedures that are integral to the functioning of a highly efficient department and, on a wider scale, organisation.

HROS also provides consultation for existing companies in Jamaica that wish to totally revamp their HR departments and start afresh with HR best practices and current policies and procedures.

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Signature Training Programmes

Setting up a Rigorous HR Department
This programme is designed especially for new HR professionals who are serious about establishing a rigorous HR department by implementing the necessary systems…

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How’s Your Attitude?
Attitude is everything. This programme makes “no bones about it” and sets the record straight – once and for all. Participants will learn that their attitude…

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Commanding Excellence
If you loathe mediocrity and embrace only a spirit of excellence in everything you do – nothing more, nothing less – then this seminar is for you…

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Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations
The performance evaluation process and how an evaluation is executed can either motivate or demotivate team members. Participants will learn the nuts and bolts…

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We invite you to email your resume to the email address above and indicate your career interest, as there are always opportunities for successful placement. info@jamaicahrsolutions.com

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